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Dual Language

A Focus on Dual Language
The Dual Language model at Edwards Elementary is a balanced model of instruction in both English and Spanish. Dual Language continues to be a program of choice for parents and their children. Since students participating in this program will have home languages of both English and Spanish, one group of children will always be learning in their second language.

The Dual Language Instructional Program utilizes a variety of concrete and printed materials, technology, and sheltering strategies, combined with a strong focus on building individual skills in all academic areas.

Features of the Instructional Program include:

  • Scheduled and separate use of each language.
  • Development of second language through hands-on and experiential activities.
  • Development of second language through literacy-based activities.
  • Structured and sequential English as a Second Language (ESL) and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) instruction.
  • Native language instruction in reading and writing.
  • Math, Science and Social Studies instruction in integrated language groups, delivered in English and Spanish.
  • Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology and Library Studies to be delivered in English.
  • Small groups and individualized instruction.
  • Team teaching and collaboration between two teachers to provide all content instruction with authentic language models.